Matt Smoot

Favorite Crimp Chimp: Lotso
Birth date: November 7, 1982
Location: Boulder, CO

Favorite place to climb: Its too hard to have just one favorite crag. I can think of a few that make up my favorites list. The first is Hueco Tanks. After traveling to Hueco in 2012 with Team Crimp Chimps, it is hands-down the best place I’ve ever been bouldering. Also on the list is Eldorado Canyon. The plethora of high quality and moderate classic trad routes is like no other place. Last on the list is a place you may not have heard of. Independence Pass, CO. The quality of the rock is great, temperatures stay cool during the summer, and you can go bouldering, sport or trad climbing.

Climbing since: 2007

Hobbies: If it involves the outdoors, I’m there. Love to hike, trail run, collect rocks, and paint. I try to collect rocks from places I’ve visited that are a good representation of the land.

Favorite movies: All time favorites are Beetlejuice and Pulp Fiction. However, if I’m trying to get psyched before climbing, then its got to be one of the Reel Rock films.

Ideal climb: I get a kick out of technical moves on routes with lots of exposure.